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Why We Should Celebrate

There are many reasons to celebrate the passage of health care reform. Please check out some of the materials from Families USA to help you in your public education efforts. There are many positive aspects of health care reform, and some of these materials should assist you in communicating the benefits of health care reform.

How Health Reform Helps Illinois

Illinois fact sheet designed for advocates to use in their communities. For fact sheets on all 50 states please visit Families USA.

How Health Reform Helps Illinois

Embracing Health Reform

Overview piece that discusses 12 key improvements in the health reform law, which will benefit millions of Americans and their families. This is a great companion piece for the PowerPoint above.

Help Is On the Way: 12 Reasons to Embrace Health Reform


A campaign launched by Families USA microsite, There is a blog post for each of the 12 reasons, showing how American families and businesses will be helped by the new law. Please feel free to cross-post or share these blogs with your social media networks—a quick and easy way to spread the word!

12 Reasons Campaign