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Summary Documents

The Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (often shortened to ‘The Affordable Care Act”), passed in March 2010, will ensure that all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care and significantly reduce long‐term health care costs. This document summarizes the new health reform law.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – Summary (pdf)

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – full text (pdf, large file – 2.4 mb)

Cost of Repealing Health Care Reform

Attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act risk increasing consumer health care costs by billions of dollars.

The Cost of Repealing Health Care Reform (pdf)

Guaranteed Benefits of the ACA

In order to achieve affordable, quality health care for all, the Affordable Care Act set standards to ensure that all plans in the new health insurance exchanges cover a comprehensive set of necessary services and offer protections for consumers.

Guaranteed Benefits (pdf)


CBO’s Score of Health Care Reform Legislation

The Congressional Budget Office’s full score of the final House version of health care reform legislation.

CBO Score HR4872 (pdf)


Summary of the Manager’s Amendment

The Manager’s Amendment contains some changes to the Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act.

Summary of the Manager’s Amendment (pdf)


The Reconciliation Bill

Find a section by section breakdown of the most significant changes to the Reconciliation Bill.

Section by Section of the Reconciliation Bill (pdf)

The Reconciliation Bill makes several key changes to improve the Senate Bill including removing special deals and ensuring greater affordability provisions.

Reconcilation Bill Makes Key Improvements to Senate-passed Bill (pdf)

Reconciliation would pass the Senate bill and improvements to it based on the President’s proposal and a majority in Congress.  As congressional scholar Thomas Mann has pointed out, such a rule would “make clear that the vote on the reconciliation package is in effect also a vote on the underlying Senate bill.”

Regular Procedure to Pass Health Insurance Reform (pdf)


Numbers: House vs. Senate

Last March, the President invited Members of Congress and national health care leaders to the White House for an open, broad‐ranging discussion on how to expand access, improve quality and lower the costs of health care for all Americans. In the year since, House and Senate Democrats have taken an open and transparent approach to the debate on health insurance reform, with nearly 200 bipartisan hearings and countless health care events across the country.

Health Care By the Numbers: Open and Transparent Process (pdf)


Immediate Benefits of the ACA

Outlines the immediate benefits for small businesses, seniors, individuals with private insurance, and the uninsured.

Immediate Benefits (pdf)


Cost of Inaction

The rising cost of health care is straining the wallets of American families, the balance sheets of our businesses, and the long term health of our federal budget.  If we don’t act now, the situation will only get worse.

Cost of Inaction (pdf)


Fact Sheet for the ACA

How the plan works for America.

Fact Sheet (pdf)