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Thanks Obamacare! Standing Up for Women’s Health

While recognizing that much more needs to be done to achieve our goal of affordable, accessible health care for all, the Campaign for Better Health Care is celebrating two years of improvements to our health care system and looking ahead to the changes still to come.
Today we look at how the Affordable Care Act is eliminating discrimination, making health care more accessible and affordable, and improving the lives of millions of women.  Insurance companies can no longer charge women more than men for the same coverage or deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions, and must offer preventative services at no additional cost.
This is at last a system that will work for us – Thanks Obamacare!

For too long our health care system has undervalued Middle Class Americans, especially women and children, in favor of the wealthy and the profits of insurance companies, but now under the Affordable Care Act, we have consumer protections and services that support families.
Learn how the ACA provides Illinois women with important health benefits (pdf) and features comprehensive new guidelines for women’s preventive services.

Lots of people still don’t know what’s in the Affordable Care Act or how it will benefit them.  One way we can counteract the negative spin about the law that the opposition puts out is by making sure we change the discussion and help people understand what this law is and how it helps them.
CBHC’s LTE Builder  is a quick and easy way for you to get the word out there about how the Affordable Care Act benefits women. It could not be faster or easier to write an effective letter to the editor, and our members who use the LTE Builder have a very high publication rate – please try it today.  If your letter does get published, please don’t forget to email Kathleen Duffy know so we can show it off.

We love talking about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act in Illinois, but there are groups all over the country who are talking about it in their states too – and some of them are doing a great job in getting the word out!
For example, check out this Tumblr that our colleagues at the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative are doing to share personal stories from people across the country about how the Affordable Care Act is helping them.  Take a minute to read through some of their stories, add your own, and share the link widely.
Let’s get the word out there, far and wide – THANKS OBAMACARE!