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How will the Affordable Care Act, the new national health care reform law, affect your health care? The answer depends on your income level, job status, and many other factors. To get started, please visit the links below.

Partner Resources:
Community Catalyst: Making the Affordable Care Act a Reality
Families USA: Health Reform Central
Kaiser Family Foundation: Health Reform Implementation Timeline
Medicare Rights Center: Health Reform and Medicare
Small Business Majority: Health Reform Tax Credit Calculator
AARP: Health Care Reform
Herndon Alliance: Post-reform messaging for health care reform advocates (pdf)

Government Resources: is a website that helps consumers to take control of their health care options by connecting them with new information and resources that can help them obtain access to affordable, quality health care. Visit the site to find information about your health insurance options, prevention, specifics of the new law, implementation, and information for different types of health care consumers (families with children, young adults, those with disabilities, and more). es un sitio de Internet en español que ayuda a los consumidores, específicamente los hispanohablantes, a tomar el control de su cuidado de salud al conectarlos con nueva información y recursos que los ayudarán a obtener acceso a seguro médico económico y de calidad. Visite el sitio de Web para encontrar información sobre sus opciones de seguro, prevención, la nueva ley, implementación, y información para diferentes tipos de consumidores (familias con niños, jóvenes, discapacitados y más).

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