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Health Care Sabbath

The Health Care Sabbath is an annual event organized by the Health Care Justice Campaign’s Faith Caucus. It is a time for people of faith to stand up and get their voices heard on this important issue. Health care reform is a moral imperative, and we cannot and will not stand idly by as our brothers and sisters go without!

Hundreds of congregations and thousands of parishioners representing all faith traditions throughout Illinois celebrated the passage of the recent federal reform law in 2010 and helped people of faith understand the new law and how it must be implemented in Illinois.

The Faith Caucus would like to invite you and your organization to participate in Health Care Sabbath 2011!

We invite congregations and faith groups across Illinois to pause during worship services to pray for those in their community who are suffering from a health care crisis and for the solid implementation of the federal health reform in Illinois, read scripture and liturgies related to healing and justice, hold discussion groups on the role of health care as the key to economic security and opportunity for all people, or share personal health care stories.

If you have any questions or concerns about this event, please let us know

(312) 913-9449 or via email at

Click the button below to receive a free copy of our toolkit, a wonderful resource that can help you in your planning.

Health Care Sabbath

Utilizing the scripture, prayer, education guides and advocacy tools in the kit, you can prepare a thought-provoking worship or discussion and incorporate steps to engage your congregation in action for justice!

For more information about Health Care Sabbath, contact Laura Leon at or by phone at (312) 913-9449.