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October 1st, 2016

ACTION ALERT: Your Calls Needed

call-to-actionInsurers Trying to Change Illinois’ Rules

(312) 814-2121

Insurers are up to their usual tricks – bending the law to keep following their abusive and discriminatory practices. Right now, some insurers are trying to get around the requirement under Obamacare that plans can not charge higher rates to women or people with pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies have come up with a creative way to get around this change. For further details, please read this recent bulletin from the Department of Insurance (pdf).

Director Boron’s bulletin is very clear: the insurance industry MUST follow the rules.

We’ve heard that the Governor’s office is being pushed hard by the insurance industry to bend the rules so that these changes can be delayed for another year. If the insurers prevail: women will continue to be charged much higher rates than men, people with pre-existing conditions will continue to be denied coverage or pay sky-high rates, eliminating the cap on insurance coverage will not occur, and the list of other pro-consumer and small business protection would be on hold for at least another year.  WE SAY NO WAY!  JOIN US! Let’s make sure the Governor’s office hears from us.

Call the Governor’s office and ask to leave a message for Mr. Gelder.
Message to Mr. Gelder: I am a concerned consumer in Illinois and I want the Department of Insurance to strongly enforce the requirement that insurers follow the rules as stated in the Department’s Bulletin #2013-07. Plans must stop charging higher rates to women and people with pre-existing conditions on January 1st, 2014. No delays, no exceptions! 
As implementation moves forward, we must continue to work together to ensure that ObamaCare is not manipulated by those who put profits over people. This won’t be the last time insurers try to skirt the health care law. It’s up to all of us to make our voices heard and hold insurance companies accountable.
Thank you for all of your efforts and please share this alert with your networks!

These are things you can do right now to promote full and fair implementation of health care reform in Illinois. Be an active participant in the fight for health care justice. Take action today!

1. Meet with your Legislator!
Meetings are being scheduled with Illinois legislators to promote a blueprint for the Illinois Health Insurance Exchange that is fair, inclusive and free from conflict of interest. Join your neighbors in visiting your elected officials. Sign up here to meet with your legislator! 

2. Share your Story!
We’re looking for people who have benefitted from the Affordable Care Act. Have you or someone you know been affected by the new provisions (e.g., keeping your teens on your insurance until they’re 26, coverage for your child with a preexisting condition, new copay-free preventive services that improved your health, a rebate for your Medicare Part D prescription, an end to your lifetime cap, tax credits for your small business)?  Telling our personal stories demonstrates the need to preserve our hard-won victories in a way that is real and direct. Share your health care story with us today!

3. Join our Statewide Conference Calls
Statewide Conference Calls happen on alternate Mondays from Noon to 1pm, central Time. Click here for details about our next call.

4. Join the Faith Caucus in Support of Health Care Justice
The  Faith Caucus brings together people from all faith traditions around issues of healing and social justice. We recognize that equal access to health care is not only a socio-economic issue, but also a moral issue whose impact is felt strongly within our communities and congregations. Learn more about the Faith Caucus here!