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Campaign Successes

CBHC Campaign Successes

Universal Health Care

  • Led the Illinois effort for universal health care during the early 1990’s health care reform struggle by passing a comprehensive single payer plan in both the health care Senate and House Health Care Committees. (1991-1994)
  • Brought together over 20 statewide organizations to collaborate on statewide principals for universal health care. (2000)
  • Established Health Care Justice Campaign to win accessible, affordable, quality health care for all Illinois residents. (2002)
  • Passed legislation for health care for all Illinoisans (HB 1984) out of the House Health Care Committee. (2002)
  • Developed an educational video of testimonies from uninsured people and practicing doctors advocating for health care reform. (2002)
  • Coordinated the Illinois effort for the national Health Care Access Resolution Campaign House Concurrent Resolution 99): recruiting statewide organizational endorsers, adding legislative cosponsors, and leading Illinois in the National Call in Day for Universal Health Care for the public launch of this campaign. (2002-Present)
  • Passed the Health Care Justice Act of 2004 with bipartisan support in House. Our legislation was sponsored by then-State Senator Obama and Representative William Delgado. (2004)
  • Over 1 million dollars secured to fund the HCJA. (2005)

Access and Quality

  • Pressured providers to end direct discrimination against Medicaid recipients. (1991-1993)
  • Collaborated with senior and disability rights’ organizations to oppose major Medicare and Medicaid cuts by congress. (1995)
  • Hosted a Town Hall Meeting for East Central Illinois to provide community input to the Illinois’ Oral Health Plan. Sixty people attended. (2001)
  • Surveyed 700 parents across the state to assess their child’s access to health care services. (2000-2002)
  • Helped to stop the closing of City of Chicago Public Health Clinics through testimony at City Council and meeting with the Commissioner. (2001-2002)
  • Worked with Provena Behavioral Health to improve access to mental health services through their new Open Clinic. (2002)
  • Collaborated with consumers, health care providers and social service providers to improve access to health care services in Medicaid/KidCare (1999-Present)
  • Educating families about dental health services and medical services available in Chicago. (2000-Present)
  • Working with the Illinois Dental Hygienists Association to move legislation to ease supervision restrictions. (2001-Present )

Corporatization of Health Care

  • Intervened in four mergers by stopping (delaying) two of them; winning concessions to keep vital local services operating and health care program in place after the mergers; and forcing Columbia/HCA to lower its initial selling price of several hospitals by $34 million dollars. (1998-Present)
  • Launching a statewide campaign to expand local and statewide public accountability of providers when they are planning to merge, expand, or change the level of free care they offer. Ensure that providers honor their community benefits obligations. (1998-Present)

Medicaid / Medicare / Managed Care

  • Led a two year campaign to force the state to ban all door-to-door marketing by Medicaid managed care corporations. (1996-1998)
  • Led the Statewide collaboration effort of 75 organizations to enact a managed care consumer bill of rights for Illinoisans. CBHC was the only health care advocacy/consumer organization asked by the Governor to be a direct player in the negotiations. (1996-1999)
  • Initiated a Medicare/Managed Care monitoring and surveillance project that trained volunteers to go undercover and document a series of abuses by Medicare managed care companies in a publicity released report. Exposed the abuses of two Medicare managed care companies by seeking stronger oversight by HCFA. (1998-1999)

Organization Growth

  • CBHC Executive Director was appointed by Governor Blagojevich to serve on the Adequate Health Care Task Force. (2005)
  • CBHC Executive Director was appointed chair of Health Care Access Committee. (2002)
  • CBHC Executive Director was recognized as the Health Care Activist of the Year by Families USA, a national leader in health care advocacy. (2002)
  • Continued broadening and expansion our Board of Directors. (1996 – Present)
  • CBHC board and staff are nationally recognized health care advocates and presenters educating groups nationally and statewide. (1996 – Present)
  • Appointed to Mayor Daley’s Managed Care Task Force and Governor Ryan’s Illinois Assembly as well as other governmental task forces providing key health care consumer representation in governmental task forces. (1997-Present)
  • Developed Medicare/Managed care, Uninsured and Children’s Helplines. The Helplines have been instrumental in gathering health care consumer stories, informing consumers of their rights, and utilizing collected stories to change public policy regarding health care. (1998-Present)
  • Improving outreach and impact materials including a new newsletter format, updated website and listserv, brochures, logos and fact sheets. (2001-Present)