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Faces of Medicaid

Governor Rauner has proposed deep cuts to programs and services that support the well-being and health of our communities. Here’s a glimpse of his plan for Illinois:

• $1.5 billion reduction to Health and Family Services budget, including elimination of Specialized Mental Health Rehabilitation facilities.

Human Services:

• Division of alcohol and substance abuse – $27.5 million reduction

• Division of mental health — $82 million reduction

• Elimination of Best Buddies, Project Autism, Arc of Illinois, Homeless youth services, Immigration Integration Services, Illinois Welcoming centers

• $23 million reduction to Early Intervention Program

Public Health:

• $19 million reduction from 2015

The list of cuts is shocking, inhumane and fiscally irresponsible. Yet, our state legislators are saying they aren’t hearing enough from their constituents on these matters. 
Call your legislators and tell them to FIGHT BACK!!!
Our most vulnerable citizens have endured enough cuts. Rauner’s proposals are not only extremely dangerous but they are also fiscally irresponsible. Call your state representative and state senator and urge them to fight back. Tell them – NO MORE CUTS!  Let them know that you are paying attention and that you are deeply outraged.
If we don’t speak up now, who knows what will be on the chopping block next under the Rauner administration.
Not sure which legislators represent you?
Look up your 9 digit zip code and plug it into this simple search site: IL Legislator Lookup (enter zip, click “find address”, then click “confirm address”)
*** Call your state representative and state senator at their Springfield office.
Call Governor Rauner and tell him to stop pretending he has “no choice” but to cut these vital programs to the bone. Tell him to stop balancing our state budget on the back of the poor, children and the most vulnerable in our communities!  217-782-0244